Pregnancy Brain Much?

I think I have pregnancy brain and this past week has just confirmed!

So last week I was chatting to a friend while she was cooking up a storm, she advised me that my top was inside out! Yes inside out! and I had been to the shops without even noticing!  Ok so I just laughed and she said ” well at least people can see you are pregnant!”

This weekend I was getting ready to go down to the beach. I was putting my contact lenses in so I could wear my Sunnies. My one eye felt a bit weird so I decided to take the contact lens out, rinse it and put it back in. I was really battling to get it out, after about 30 minutes of trying I decided go to the optometrist for them to take it out as my eye was blood shot red and getting sore!  Ok so I jumped into the car and went to the Optometrist. He checked my eye and guess what? There was NO contact lens in my eye! NOTHING!!! All I could say to him was “I’m pregnant so anything is possible”. Needless to say he had a good laugh. I have no idea what happened to the contact lens but it definitely was not in my eye! I was literally trying to pull my eye out for 30 minutes.  Pregnancy Brain much?

Can anyone relate??? Let me know what the worst thing you have done since you have been pregnant.


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