Pregnancy Survival 2nd Trimester!

I am 5 months pregnant with my 3rd child, a boy! The due date is the 7th of August which falls on my first borns birthday!!!! My due dates have been extremely accurate with both my pregnancies, so chances are high that Cody will be getting a brother for his birthday!!!

I am continuously  asked if it was planned or was an Oopsie, why do people even ask this question?  Does it matter?  A beautiful bundle of joy is on it’s way whether it was planned or not.

I would like to share a few tips that help me. Let me know if you try any or what works for you, I’d love to hear!



Sleep with a pillow in-between your legs, this really  helps!



Gaviscon for heartburn!!! This is literally a life saver,  I don’t know what I would do without Gaviscon! Also, rather eat smaller meals throughout the day than large meals.



Every night after my shower I rub Bio Oil all over my tummy, breast and thighs. In the mornings I apply E45 Cream.  I truly believe this helps to prevent stretch marks.


I get up early have a cup of coffee and a hot shower and then get some fresh air followed buy drinking plenty water. I found that staying in bed just make’s it worse. This does not always take the headache away but it definitely relieves it.


Use a hair tie for your shorts/jeans. As per below image. I only just find this hack and it saves a lot of money!!! 20180412_110227.jpg


I have heard that pigmentation can appear on your face during pregnancy, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun. I have recently noticed a few sun spots on my legs. Even though I have always used Sunscreen, I apply Sunscreen on my face more often during pregnancy along with wearing a hat! I use Island Tribe Sunscreen.


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